Home Composter Frame

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The aluminium CarbonCycle Home Composter Frame, is the essential element of The CarbonCycle Home Composter.

The side slats, lid slats and other components that can be used with the CarbonCycle Home Composter can be selected and purchased from The CarbonCycle Company or you can source them elsewhere.

 Although one or two CarbonCycle Composters produce superb results, where quantity is accommodated, we recommend three or more to be used together. That’s why, when you buy 3 or more CarbonCycle Composter Frames in a single purchase, you will get 10% off each Frame.

The frame package includes:

  • 4x engineered aluminium columns
  • 4x engineered aluminium base rails
  • 16x customised bolts
  • Assembly instructions
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Dimensions: 230mm x 140mm x 1000mm (approx)
Weight: 15kg (approx)