The CarbonCycle Composting System

The world’s most advanced system for non-industrial compost makers

A hot composting system that will enable you to compost all clean organic matter; from food scraps (including meat, fish, bones, shells, cooked, uncooked) and garden cuttings to cardboard and compostable packaging

The system is the result of more than a decade of passionate research, experimentation and practice.

It seems to us (and some of us were there) that, until around the 1960s, almost everyone composted. And, if they didn’t, their neighbors did. We may be being a bit romantic but what is clear is that whatever local composting there was at that time pretty much died with well-meaning initiatives to collect our food waste and other organic waste from our curbsides. Until the last few years, local composting had all but ceased to exist. The CarbonCycle Composting System has helped to make local composting a reality in our part of the world and we believe that the same system can help to make it a global reality once again.

The CarbonCycle Composting System is protected by worldwide patents, trademarks and copyright laws.

What makes The CarbonCycle Composting System?

The CarbonCycle Composter Frame, designed to last indefinitely, can be joined together with other frames, makes compost possible on slopes and bumps, helps keep out smells and is easy to clean.

The frame is the centre-piece of the system, so while the other components we sell are valuable, you can make great compost without them.

The CarbonCycle Composting Processes in accordance with the CarbonCycle Composting Guide.

The guide is useful to anyone who composts, whether or not you own a CarbonCycle Composter Frame. However,  maximum benefits come from using the frame and guide together, with or without other CarbonCycle components.


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If food waste were a country, it would come in third after the United States and China in terms of impact on global warming.

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