CarbonCycle Home Composters

Grow the fertility of your own backyard.
Make compost at home.

Capacity (approx.)
1 cubic yard / 0.75 cubic metres

Min processing capacity per composting cycle: 
1.3 cubic yards / 1 cubic metre

37 x 37 x 39 ” / 96cm x 96cm x 1m

Slat Options for Sides and Lids (lumber) Rough-sawn (width approx.) Dressed (width approx.)
Standard timber boards 25mm = 1″ 19mm = 3/4″
Premium timber boards 25mm = 1″ 19mm = 3/4″

Ideal for heat retention and destroying weeds and pathogens as the mid-point of the pile is a long way from the exterior.

Home Composting Kits

The joined compost boxes allow easy turning between boxes with no organic matter spilling out. The easy to remove slats are extremely helpful with the turning process, as the sides of the box can be taken right down and built up as suits.

Prashanti Lovegrove
Compost Co. Project Manager

Waiheke Resources Trust