CarbonCycle Home Composters

Grow the fertility of your own backyard.
Make compost at home.

Capacity (approx.)
1 cubic yard / 0.75 cubic metres

Min processing capacity per composting cycle: 
1.3 cubic yards / 1 cubic metre

37 x 37 x 39 ” / 96cm x 96cm x 1m

Slat Options for Sides and Lids (lumber) Rough-sawn (width approx.) Dressed (width approx.)
Standard timber boards 25mm = 1″ 19mm = 3/4″
Premium timber boards 25mm = 1″ 19mm = 3/4″

Ideal for heat retention and destroying weeds and pathogens as the mid-point of the pile is a long way from the exterior.

Home Composting Kits

It has been the most impulsive yet the best investment I had ever made. The impact of improper waste disposal really had me thinking yet again what can I do and what must I do so I can contribute more and make a big, positive impact.