Standard Home Composter (most popular!)

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The CarbonCycle Standard Home Composter is our most popular Home Composter model as it contains everything you need to make compost at the most economical price. Our world-class aluminium home composter is powerful enough to process over 1cbm of organic matter in a single composting cycle. Our fitted lid and pest proofing base will ensure that pests are kept out of your compost pile.

¬†Although one or two CarbonCycle Composters produce superb results, where quantity is accommodated, we recommend three or more to be used together. That’s why, when you buy 3 or more CarbonCycle Composter Frames in a single purchase, you will get 10% off each Frame.

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Product Inclusions:

  • 4x engineered aluminium columns
  • 4x engineered aluminium base rails
  • 4 aluminium lid frame components
  • 16x bolts for frame
  • 24x dressed timber side slats, in Japanese Cedar or similar
  • 1x dressed 2-part lid, in Japanese Cedar or similar
  • 2x custom cut wire bases for Pest Proofing
  • 4x fitted plates for Pest Proofing
  • Assembly instructions
Built dimensions

965mm x 965mm x 1000mm

Frame - Packaged

Dimensions: 230mm x 140mm x 1000mm (approx)
Weight: 15kg (approx)

2-Part Lid - Packaged

Dimensions: 400mm x 80mm x 865mm (approx)
Weight: 8kg (approx)

Lid Frame - Packaged

Dimensions: 95mm x 160mm x 870mm (approx)
Weight: 3kg (approx)

Slats - Packaged

Dimensions: 240m x 260mm x 865mm (approx)
Weight: 24kg (approx)

Pest Proofing - Packaged

Dimensions: 500mm x 150mm x 900mm (approx)
Weight: 2kg (approx)


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