CarbonCycle Composters

Premium quality composters
making perfect compost

CarbonCycle Composters have been designed and engineered to out-perform and to out-last other composters.

The essential structural difference from other composters is the patented premium grade anodized aluminium frame, which has significant advantages in respect of expected lifespan, robustness and design.

While aluminium is more expensive than wood and other materials that are used as composter frames, these frames offer clear advantages and come into their own when assessing the costs and benefits over time.

We now have two sizes of CarbonCycle Composters so you can find one to suit you: check out our Home and Community options.

CarbonCycle Composter, easy to assemble

CarbonCycle Composters will help you to make perfect compost easily for many years


Frame & Structure
  • Premium grade aluminium box-shaped frames
  • Engineered to stay in shape and last much longer than comparable wooden framed composters
  • Can be positioned on uneven ground
  • No meddlesome upper level horizontal structures (required by many composters to keep frames in shape)
  • Can be joined together side by side, in an L-shape in a corner or in a staggered pattern for increased efficiency
  • No plastic parts, hinges or other components that break or wear out
  • Slats are inserted and removed with ease from the engineered grooves in the frames
  • Slats for sides and lids come in varying quality levels
  • Buy the side and lid slats you want from us or source them elsewhere
  • Manage all your food waste, garden waste, cardboard and other organic material easily
  • Can be assembled, disassembled, moved and reassembled in minutes
  • Removable side slats make it easy to add, turn and remove material
  • And they facilitate easy cleaning and can be painted or stained
  • Large enough to handle an immense amount of material
  • Ideal for heat retention and destroying weeds and pathogens as the mid-point of the pile is a long way from the exterior (i.e. >430mm or >17” in the Community Composter)
  • Can compost PLA (biodegradable “plastic”) and other compostable products that inferior composters cannot
  • Reduce labour time by at least 30%, and by over 50% when there are 2 or more in use
  • Never smells or attracts flies if the CarbonCycle System is followed
  • Substantially pest proof and can be made 100% pest proof if required

Plus they look great!

The joined compost boxes allow easy turning between boxes with no organic matter spilling out. The easy to remove slats are extremely helpful with the turning process, as the sides of the box can be taken right down and built up as suits.

Prashanti Lovegrove
Compost Co. Project Manager

Waiheke Resources Trust

Warranty of aluminium frame

We provide a limited 10 year warranty on our CarbonCycle bin and lid frames. Under that warranty, provided customers comply with usage and maintenance guidelines, we will at our option either replace any component that ceases to be functional or provide compensation equal to the cost of the component reduced by 10% for each year prior to the year of claim. We do not manufacture and cannot guarantee any other components like slats or pest-proofing.

Our oldest frames, in use since 2015, have dulled slightly but are just as functional as they were when new, with no cracking, warping or deterioration in functionality or strength. We are confident that our frames will last much longer than 10 years, even though 10 years is what we warrant.

A note about the supply of timber board slats

Premium or basic grade timber / lumber side and lid slats are available for your CarbonCycle Composter, cut to size and shipped to you in a flat pack ready to slot into the CarbonCycle Frame.

The types of timber we supply are:

  • Basic slats (Japanese Cedar or equivalent)
  • Premium slats (Accoya or equivalent)

Or you can source side and lid slats from any other supplier of your choice.

Click here for more information on slat choices.

You will find all relevant dimensions on this site.

Please note that the CarbonCycle Company does not manufacture slats and cannot warrant their performance. While we make every effort to ensure that slats provided or suggested are of appropriate quality, it is important to recognise that composting exposes timber to varying conditions and timber is, in any event, susceptible to change.

A note about pest-proofing

CarbonCycle Composters, with correctly sized side and lid slats, can be made completely pest-proof, except as to the base. When we say “pests” we are referring to mice, rats, snakes and larger animals. Nothing can prevent flies or ants other than good composting techniques.

We can supply a pest-proofing kit for the base, if required.