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How to Install the Home Composter

So you’ve just received your brand new Home Composter package – now what?

If you are planning to DIY your Home Composter installation, this page is a guide to installing your Home Composter with everything you need to know to make the process as seamless as possible.

Start by watching the video below to see a demonstration by Tim which you can follow along with:

If you want to download or print an installation guide, click here for the PDF version of these instructions. Or keep reading for the written instructions below.


Choosing wood for composter slats

The choice of material for the sides and possibly the lid of your composter is a very important decision. And, of course, although we have had good experiences with other materials like composites, most of you will want to use wood. If you want to use wood then, regardless of whether you are making your own composter or sourcing your own timber for your CarbonCycle Composter, finding the right wood is essential to having a long-lasting and well-functioning composter.