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Wellington becomes chocolate manufacturer’s compostable wrapping testing ground

Chocolate, an old bowling green and compost seem an unlikely combination, but a new partnership between social enterprise For the Better Good and chocolate manufacturer Whittaker’s is creating a new synergy with sustainability at its heart.

Specially-wrapped Peanut Slabs in plant-based compostable packaging went on sale in Wellington and Porirua from Monday as part of an eight-week trial.

Slab eaters are being asked to put their used wrappers into a special collection box based at the retail outlet, which are then taken to For the Better Good’s Edible Earth Urban Micro Farm in Cannon’s Creek [which uses CarbonCycle Composters] for composting.


Saying goodbye to 2020

It’s hard to believe this long, long year has come to an end. In spite of all the challenges of 2020, we feel we have made real progress in educating people and spreading the word on the importance of local composting across the country. Every day we are one step closer to Richard’s vision.

We’ve been so busy this year we’ve barely had the time to look back and think about everything that’s been done. So we think it’s high time we did a bit of reflecting. So, we’ve decided to look back at the big things that happened this year and share some photos of our best moments. Some of our highlights of 2020 were…

Comparing small and larger compost box sizes

Introducing: CarbonCycle Home Composters

Since the first CarbonCycle Composter was assembled several years ago, Richard’s vision has remained strong: widespread composting on a local scale is what our soil, our plants, our planet, and what we as people need to survive and thrive. This year, we have released a new small compost box that will extend local composting from larger properties and community gardens to personal properties and home gardens. Introducing: the CarbonCycle Home Composter.

Composting at Moanataiari School

CarbonCycle in Schools

 Ever wondered why we don’t compost at school? So did we. Over the last few months, here The CarbonCycle Co we have been busy installing our composters in several New Zealand public schools, from primary to high schools. We have had so much fun working with kids and teaching them about the importance of composting for our soils and our planet. And we hope that our vision of widespread local composting and urban farming is another step closer to reality.

 This article will explain in more detail what we have been doing and why.

CarbonCycle Compost featured in Viva

As seen in Viva

Thanks to Viva and Rebecca Barry Hill for the article in Viva about the composting hub we have set up at the Viaduct in collaboration with For the Love of Bees, Viaduct Harbour and Auckland Council. This initiative is important to demonstrate how composting and urban farming has a place in the heart of the city.