Saying goodbye to 2020

Saying goodbye to 2020

It’s hard to believe this long, long year has come to an end. In spite of all the challenges of 2020, we feel we have made real progress in educating people and spreading the word on the importance of local composting across the country. Every day we are one step closer to Richard’s vision.

We’ve been so busy this year we’ve barely had the time to look back and think about everything that’s been done. So we think it’s high time we did a bit of reflecting. So, we’ve decided to look back at the big things that happened this year and share some photos of our best moments. Some of our highlights of 2020 were…

Moanataiari School was one of the ones approved for Ministry of Education Sustainability funding
  • In May:
    • We officially rebranded from New Zealand Box to The CarbonCycle Company.
    • We launched our new website which allows anyone in New Zealand and Australia to purchase our composters online: carboncyclecompost.com, and includes our comprehensive CarbonCycle Composting Guide.
Richard showing our composters to Sustainable Kaipara
  • In October:
    • We officially launched our Home Composter unit for pre orders.
    • Richard got to have his say in a WasteMINZ webinar about Decentralised Community Composting and Regenerative Agriculture.
    • Richard was interviewed by Pete Wolfcamp and Ruud Kleinpaste on Newstalk ZB.
Our new Home Composter as compared with the original Community Composter
  • In November:
    • We went to our first expos – by participating in 3 different expos in the space of two weeks! We had so many great conversations at the Go Green Shows in Auckland and Wellington and the North Shore Home and Garden Show.
    • We received the news that further funding from the Ministry of Education to install composters in more New Zealand schools was approved.
Peter and Tim at the Go Green Expo in Auckland
  • In December:
    • We are still working hard to fulfill the influx of orders caused by the Home Composter release! If you are waiting for yours… it will be with you soon, we promise!

Whew! And that only scratches the surface, so it certainly has been a very busy, and very exciting year. Looking ahead now to 2021, we hope to reach even more people, have even more composters installed, eliminate worldwide food waste and convert every country to a circular economy… Hey, dreams are free, right?

In all seriousness, we hope you all have been having a wonderful holiday period (without wasting food!) and you get some time to relax and tend to your gardens. We would like to say a big thank you to all our customers and everyone who has supported us or taken the time to find out what we’re all about in 2020. If you have any suggestions for where CarbonCycle or composting in general could go in 2021, we are all ears, so just comment on this post and let us know your ideas.

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